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Quit Sugar Hypnosis?

When you look at your diet does it seem like there is only one stand-out problem: too much sugar?

If this sounds like you, let me tell you that you are not alone.

When you log all the different foods and drinks you consume from the moment you wake up to the last thing you consume before bed, you will quickly get an insight as to where the problem might lie. I have many clients who point to salty chips, rich cheeses, and greasy fast food as the main scale-tipping culprits. And then there are the clients who describe their healthy, well-balanced diets, with low to no alcohol intake... and I'm waiting to hear where the problem is, thinking something's gotta give. Then comes the exception- as they describe daily or evening overindulgences of blocks of chocolate, bags of lollies, or sometimes never-ending trays of Tim Tams.

The bottom line is, that they come to see themselves as having a sugar problem. Some might even call it a sugar addiction. I call it a sugar habit. And in most cases, I will help my clients to resolve the reasons behind that habit, and what it has been doing for them, and then get the client's subconscious mind to deliver healthier alternatives to fill that need so they can start to lose the excess weight.

Ideally, I don't want my clients to leave thinking they have a sugar problem and that one mouthful of chocolate will send them spirally back down a path of no return. I want my clients to regain a sense of control by releasing the need for the excessive sugary foods is gone... and the choice belongs to them to enjoy a small portion of something high in sugar every now and then. Finding balance and moderation becomes increasingly easy and effortless with hypnotherapy.

But there are a few people I have helped who have told me that they would feel better just completely eradicating cane sugar from their diet and this is a long-term choice they'd like to live with. So over 3 sessions, these wonderful clients began the process of completely cutting cane sugar and artificial sugars out of their diets. Instead, they started enjoying fresh fruits, dried and canned fruits, and small portions of honey. They discovered a plethora of sugar-free recipes so they could enjoy delicious and nutritious slices and home-baked goodies every now and then.

And a strange thing happened- they developed a new identity... similar to when I help people quit smoking- they leave my session as a non-smoker for the rest of their life. A new identity that brings them a sense of pride. The new identity of becoming sugar-free is also powerful. Even the words suggest the feelings: being free from sugar, being free of the weight loss yo-yos, free of the emotional and boredom sugar eating. And with that sense of freedom comes a sense of pride so instead of saying no to a slice of cake at a birthday party and feeling like the odd person out, you can say "no thanks, I don't eat sugar" with a sense of pride. Knowing you don't need it in your diet at all and thinking about all of the weight you have lost since quitting sugar. Saying goodbye to the sugar highs and sugar lows, the feelings of shame and remorse after binging on sugary foods, and goodbye to the increased health risks of diabetes.

There are millions of people in the world who don't eat sugar. Some for health reasons, such as diabetes, and some for proactive health reasons- that they recognise it is better for their bodies not to eat it. Being sugar-free isn't for everyone but maybe it's a choice you have been thinking about. You can have a free 30-minute chat with me if you are interested in learning more about how hypnosis can help you quit sugar or reduce your sugar intake.

My 3-session weight loss hypnotherapy package is $499 and you can choose the time intervals between sessions. Most of my weight loss clients find having the first 2 sessions a week apart and saving the 3rd session for 2-3 weeks after the second, tends to work the best for them. If you are local to Elermore Vale then you might like to have your session face-to-face in my home therapy room or you can have your sessions with me on Zoom and you will find they are just as effective.

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