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Hypnotherapy to Support Cancer Patients and their Families

If you or your loved one are battling cancer, then you might be interested in the potential benefits of hypnotherapy.

But just to start off, let me assure you that I don't cure cancer, treat cancer, or give medical advice. Hypnotherapy can be used alongside your medical treatment to support you on your healing journey.

Hypno-Oncology is designed to help you with all aspects of the cancer journey. Some potential benefits of hypnosis include:

  • Release anxiety, fear and worry

  • Reduce fears and phobias of aspects of treatments such as claustrophobia with scanners & masks, needle phobia, and many others

  • Pre- and post-surgery hypno-oncology could improve outlook & outcomes.

  • Addressing treatment side effects, including nausea, vertigo, taste issues, hot flushes, sleep issues, and eating issues

  • Working to assist with pain control

  • Experimental areas such as guided visualisation techniques and working with the immune system psychologically

  • Improve your mental health and resilience

  • Resolve any unresolved trauma or broken relationships within the family

  • Lift feelings of depression

  • Support for patients with terminal cancer 


If you are the carer or close friend or family member of a loved one with cancer, hypnosis could help you through your emotional journey. I know how hard it is to see the person you love so dearly go through this journey. If you get support for your own mental well-being, then you will be in a stronger state to better support your loved one.

Mel Sebastian is an Accredited Hypno-Oncology Practitioner

Accredited Hypno-Oncology Practitioners are qualified, experienced practitioners who have been further trained in the latest empirically evidenced approaches and techniques and have passed a rigorous exam. 

The techniques and approaches used have been researched, developed, and tested over many years in academic and hospital oncology settings and have been used successfully with thousands of cancer patients. You can learn more about the association here.

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