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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Weight Loss is a Journey that starts in the Mind


Are you sick of diets that don't work?

Are you ready to create the body you desire in a way that is safe, achievable, and even enjoyable?

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You can get the help you need to make changes on a deeper level that will lead to weight loss and a healthier, happier lifestyle

Healthy food

How Does it Work?

Hypnotherapy will help you to make changes on a subconscious level that will easily lead to better lifestyle choices. Most people with weight loss issues have an emotional element that is holding them back. I'll speak to that part of your mind and help it to make the changes you need in your life. 

We will Uncover:​​

  • What it is that is holding you back from creating the body you desire

  • What changes are required on a mental and physical level to allow you to lose weight

  • The right goals for you that will lead you to your ideal weight on or before a certain date in a timeframe that is safe, achievable, and perfect for you!

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What is Gastric Band Hypnosis?

You can choose if you would like to experience the gastric band hypnosis technique during your second or third session. This technique is particularly helpful for people who tend to over-eat or binge eat. 

It's a safe, harmless, and completely natural hypnotic procedure that convinces the subconscious mind that you have had a gastric band procedure and that you will feel more satisfied with a smaller portion of food. 

What Clients Say

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2 Month Weight Loss Package

I can support you to make life-long changes that will help you to

create the body you desire with the 

2 Month Weight Loss Package

You will receive:

  • 4 x fortnightly individual hypnotherapy sessions personalised to your needs:  online via Zoom or in-clinic if you can travel to Elermore Vale, Newcastle (valued at $932)

  • 4 x 15-minute fortnightly accountability calls (valued at $172)

  • 4 x Hypnosis and Meditation Audios: Exercise Motivation, Cravings Buster, Morning Motivational Primer, and Weight Loss Sleep Hypnosis (valued at $160)


2023 Special $847 

(total value of $1264)

To make sure you are a good fit for this program you will be required to have a pre-consultation (no charge) and one regular hypnotherapy session (at the standard price of $233). This allows you to book the 2-month package with confidence and commitment to the changes you will make. 

Call Now to Arrange a Free 30-minute Consultation

My Business Hours are 9am- 6pm Monday to Friday

Contact me on 0481 487 763

or book online here

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