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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Weight Loss is a Journey that starts in the Mind


Are you sick of diets that don't work?

Are you ready to create the body you desire in a way that is safe, achievable, and even enjoyable?

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You can get the help you need to make changes on a deeper level that will lead to weight loss and a healthier, happier lifestyle

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How Does it Work?

Hypnotherapy helps make changes on a subconscious and conscious level that lead you to creating better lifestyle choices. Most people with weight loss issues have an emotional element that is holding them back.

Rarely do I see clients who need education about what to eat or how often to exercise... it's more like they have tried everything but there's something in their mind that keeps reverting back to unhealthy lifestyle choices. The good news is, with the right support, you can change that old default pattern of behaviour and start creating the body, lifestyle and happiness you desire. 


Newcastle Australia

What is Trance and what if I can't be hypnotised?


​​​Trance is just an internal state of focus. You've experienced this feeling many times in your life already. Have you ever been so engaged in a book or a movie that for a moment you were completely oblivious to someone who started speaking to you? Hypnosis is like slightly tuning out from the world temporarily and focusing on your own internal movie. If you can listen to my voice, use your imagination and follow basic instructions... then you can be hypnotised. And if you really want to make changes- you will. I will support and guide you, but the person who will make all the changes is you. 

What Clients Say

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Book a Free 30-minute Consultation

You can book a date and time for me to call you so I can answer any of your questions, find out a little bit about you and your goals, and explain how I work and what we can expect of each other if you decide to book a hypnotherapy session.

If there aren't any dates or times available that suit you, please send me a text or give me a call and leave a voicemail message with your name and the times of your general availability and I'll then book you in on my end. 

0481 487 763 Monday to Friday  

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