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Does Hypnotherapy Work Over Zoom?

During Covid lockdowns, all of my hypnotherapy sessions were conducted over Zoom. To my surprise, it actually made it easier for some clients to relax into their sessions. The biggest reasons for this include: they are at home wearing their comfy clothes (sometimes even pyjamas) and they are in the safety and comfort of their own environment, on their own favorite armchair, sofa or bed with a cozy, familiar smelling blanket. One of the keys to hypnosis is relaxation so in many ways Zoom makes the sessions better.

Are there ever technical problems? Sometimes. A strong internet connection is required and I can't control your kids or pets from invading your room while you're in session but we will set up a good system before we begin. This usually just involves turning your phone on silent, telling everyone not to disturb you, putting the fur baby out of the room so they don't startle you by jumping on you mid-session, and closing the door. We will also have a backup plan up our sleeves in case we lose our internet connection at any stage.

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