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Can Hypnosis Make Quitting Easier?

The answer to the question above (for whatever it is you are trying to quit) is most likely yes! I've helped people quit smoking, quit all sorts of addictive habits... I've even helped a client to quit their job. Note, they wanted to quit their job BEFORE seeing me... so don't worry I'm not trying to add more numbers to the Great Resignation. But just quickly, while we are on that, isn't it interesting what lockdown and Covid restrictions have taught us? People were forced to stop their monotonous routines, spend more time in their homes with their partners, families, or for some people, in isolation with their own thoughts... and there was a universal wake up call. A global shift in consciousness. A call to reassess your life... reasses the value of the things you spend your time doing. What things are good for you or not so good for you? For your health, your happiness, your relationships, your longevity?

More and more people are now attempting to quit smoking, quit smoking marijuana, quit vaping, reduce their alcohol content or quit drinking alcohol altogether, quit gambling, quit porn addictions, quit social media addicitions, quit procrastinating, quit over-eating or emotionally eating certain foods like chocolate, and quit doing things that are just not good for them.

Can hypnosis make it easier to quit any of the things above- YES! But there are some clauses to this... it's not for everyone, you still have to do the work to ensure you quit successfully and the toughest part... hypnosis will only help you quit or reduce consumption of the problem in your life if you truly want to quit it. I ask my quit smoking clients during their free initial consultation with me this question: why do you want to quit? Often they will say "my doctor told me I have to" and I'll say "...and?" and they'll say "oh and my partner too..." Eventually I will just ask them, "do YOU really want to quit smoking?" and if their response is "no, I love my cigarettes" then I'll tell them to save their money they were about to waste on me, spend it on the cigarettes and come back when they truly want to quit. I won't take on a client unless I know they are commited to doing the hard work.

Ultimately, the bottom line is: if you are determined to quit then hypnosis can amplify your ability to quit, make better and healthier changes to your life, and it can make the whole process so much easier on you. Cold turkey is hard. Think of your mind as your bestfriend, if your bestfriend wanted to make a change that they knew would initially be difficult then you'd tell them to get the best support to help them get through it. I can be the support you need to get the result you want. By getting to the bottom of your addiction or habit, we can help you to make permanent changes that will feel like you've gained something much more valuable in life, rather than a feeling of having had something taken away from you.

For quit smoking hypnosis, I have found that most clients will quit on their first session but having a series of follow-up sessions is the best way to support you through the initial first few weeks and ensure that this is the last time you will ever have to quit smoking. For other habits and addictions, it can vary depending on the issue, the severity of the problem, and the root cause behind the problem. It is common for all addicitons, including smoking and over-eating, to have an emotional underlying problem that requires exploration and resoltuion. And it is almost like magic to see how much of a complete mind-shift a client can have when the weight of that problem is lifted and then quitting their addiction or habit becomes so much easier and achievable. Almost like they realise on a subconscious level that they just don't need that anymore.

Book a free consultation with me using the form on the bottom of the homepage and I'll call you at a time that suits you and we can chat about how I can help you with your problem.

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